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5 Common Sense Real Estate Rules for Buying a Home

5.  Location, Location, Location.  The home listed as "golf course direct" is always more expensive than "in a golf course community".  Homes with a nice view of the San Tan Mountains or Desert Mountain Park will cost more.   The better the view... the higher the price.  No neighbors behind you... greenbelt close by.... you get the picture.

4.  The outside probably looks like the inside.  They guy who manicures his lawn probably takes great care of his stove, A/C unit, and shower as well.  The home with weeds growing in the front yard and the Camaro on cinder blocks... that home may have some maintenance issues inside. 

3.  The price is low for a reason.  Nobody sells a house for significantly below its value.  Short sales take months of waiting and rarely sell for that price.  When a home is in foreclosure, it means nobody else wanted it either.  The place was never a home, just a house.  It will probably need lots of work.  That is why it is selling so cheap.

2.  The internet.  Let's face it...  looking for Queen Creek real estate has never been easier.  You can view MLS listings of Queen Creek homes from hundreds if not thousands of websites now... thanx to technology.  Many of those Realtors couldn't find Queen Creek on a map.  What do you think is the best website to find info on Queen Creek homes?  That's right... it's http://www.queencreek.com

1.  Pick a good real estate agent.  If you have a real estate agent... and you are on this site... your current real estate agent isn't doing their job.  If your real estate agent is telling you to check out the homes on http://www.queencreek.com, and then email them with your questions... then your real estate agent isn't a very honest person.  If you are looking for a smart, hard working Realtor... then give me a call.


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